Year 7 visit the V&A

Posted: 22nd February 2018

Year 7 Creative Rotation spent a really interesting day at the Victoria and Albert Museum working with a professional designer that prints 3D food.  

We attended a Prototyping workshop where we analysed original Victorian artefacts, considering the function, materials and client.  Then spent a fascinating session in the Japan galleries sketching our favourite objects.  We then copied a contemporary object and used it to generate our own ideas.

We went through a series of iterations to modify our designs altering the use, function, environment and user and came up with really interesting, original ideas for new products.

We spent the afternoon developing rapid prototypes that we refined several times until we were ready to present it to each other and the group.

We were really impressed by the quality of designs, originality and engagement.  We all thoroughly enjoyed our day and felt it was a very valuable way of using objects as inspiration for our own designs.

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