The Quirk Salvation Squad: 16th – 18th May

Posted: 30th April 2018

We are very excited to announce that the school play – The Quirk Salvation Squad – is almost here!

Quentin Creak is a pupil at St Edgar’s Seminary for the Cultivation of Scholarly Excellence (yes that is the name of his school…). But Quentin is not like any other pupils at St Edgar’s; he acts differently, thinks differently, speaks differently to everyone around him. In short, he’s what is known as ‘quirky’. Little does Quentin realise, however, that his ‘quirkiness’ is actually the sign of an intergalactic power and identity he never could have dreamed of (and trust us, his dreams are pretty weird). With the help of his imaginary friend, an intergalactic space priest, a fridge and a hip-hop obsessed monk, Quentin embarks on a journey of self-discovery that uncovers just how powerful his ‘quirkiness’ truly is.

An original play, The Quirk Salvation Squad, is a musical riot of song, dance, rap and boxes – lots and lots of boxes. Tickets will be released this week and a letter will be sent out with booking details in the next few days. Please support this wonderful DPL venture and join us in the wacky world of The Quirk Salvation Squad!

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Open Morning

Due to social distancing requirements we will not be able to host our annual Open Morning due to take place on Saturday 3rd Oct 2020. This event will be replaced by a virtual tour and a chance to meet the Head Master at a live Q&A session.

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