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Frogspawn to Frogs

Posted: 1st May 2018

In Early Years we have all been entranced by the development of our tadpoles.  They have been with us for nearly three weeks and we have watched them transform from little eggs, to tiny tadpoles, to tadpoles with gills and then with arms and feet and now to miniature frogs.  The children have been particularly involved, with each classes visiting these little creatures and listening to Mrs Burtonshaw explain, in quite scientific terms, the different stages of the life cycle of frogs. 

Ask any child in Early Years and they can tell you something about the tadpoles; how the eggs are coated in jelly so the other fish will not eat them; how they have the biggest tails when they first become tadpoles and how they need to climb on to land once they become frogs.

The children have also loved learning about the properties of magnifying glasses. They enjoyed discovering how big everything looks when viewed through a magnifying lens. Henry summed this up when he told another child, ‘look my hand is huge and your head is humungous!’

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