Quirk Salvation Squad

Posted: 24th May 2018

With the euphoric cries of ‘Be Yourself!’ still ringing in our ears, a drained and dazzled audience departed into the night. As the multi-coloured pyramid was dismantled, the blow-up fish deflated and the goat head-piece tucked away, both cast-members and audience knew that they had witnessed a show like no other; an original musical with a simple and heartfelt message … and buckets of energy.

The Quirk Salvation Squad demanded a huge amount from its cast. For two hours, every one of them was onstage, ready to burst into song or dance at any moment; whether it was bursting into a gospel spiritual, a hip hop flow or a meaty emotional number, the boys gave it their all. As Quentin Creak discovered more about his quirkiness, the audience was taken on a journey through time and space, to a realm that they never knew existed. Meanwhile, back in the real world, Quentin wrestled with the dilemma of whether to ‘fit in’ or not. With a bonkers mix of imaginary friends, talking household appliances, dream-figments and decrepit headmasters, the production showcased the depth of musical and theatrical talent at the prep, whilst hopefully inspiring anyone with a spark of an idea to be creative! You never know where it might lead you… 

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Open Morning

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