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Final Swimming Gala

Posted: 6th July 2018

On Monday the boys in the swimming squad took part in the final swimming gala of the year; the Fone Cup and Swimming Squad championships. 

All the boys took part from years 3-8 but we started with the Fone Cup which had the best swimmers from years 7&8 competing in a 400m freestyle race. James in Year 8 managed to pull away from Peter in Year 7 in the last 100m to win the Fone Cup; congratulations to James who leaves us as Swimming Captain and goes on to Harrow with a Scholarship for swimming.

The rest of the Squad Championships finished with skin races for the rest of the boys. These are knockout races starting with six and finishing with the final two; this is done with each year group and each stroke.

Well done to all the boys for a fabulous year. We all gathered outside for some ice creams and speeches from the outgoing captains, and also named next year’s captains. Congratulations to Mason and Peter!

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