4D Class Assembly

Posted: 3rd October 2018

In the 4D class assembly, it took a whole host of rainforest animals and tribesmen to convince a commercial woodcutter of the terrible damage that would be done to the rainforest environment and, indeed, the whole planet if a Kapok tree was cut down. Throughout the assembly, the class gave a multitude of reasons for the need for any forestry activities to be sustainable to maintain the rainforest environment. These include the production of oxygen, the provision of ingredients for many medicines, the need for the forest canopy to protect the ground from soil erosion and the myriad of animals whose habitat is food in the rainforest environment. In addition, we learnt (with the help of a super song) the characteristics of the different layers in the rain forest.

This was the first Lower School class assembly of the year and set the bar high with the class giving a polished performance and one that was both educational and entertaining.

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