Jezza Williams Visits Year 7 and 8

Posted: 4th October 2018

Mrs Alessio writes of her brother, Jeremy Williams, better known as Jezza, who came to visit the Year 7 and 8 boys to share his incredibly brave journey.

After a life changing canyoning accident in the Swiss Alps, Jezza became a tetraplegic. From day one after his accident he did not look back. His words straight to me were, ‘Chapter two, it is now time for chapter two’ and what a chapter it has been. He went from being on a life support system, to breathing again unaided, to speaking, eating and being mobile in a wheelchair he was told would be impossible for him to use. If that was not enough, he now paraglides, skydives, white water rafts and skis. His goal is to help to transform adventure companies to allow anyone of any ability to have these opportunities. From this his company was born – Making Trax. His talk showed the boys that with determination and a positive mind set, anything is possible. He spoke of being open minded, non-judgemental and kind. He encouraged the boys to make the most of the world – get out there, taste life and travel.

        You can find out more about Jezza’s incredible journey by clicking on the link below:


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