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4W Class Assembly

Posted: 17th October 2018

The excellent learning characteristics are familiar to boys from Nursery to Year 4 and indeed beyond. The characteristics help them think about how they are learning and how to develop their ability to learn. It is worth listing them in their entirety, together with their accompanying animal: Creating Crow, Organising Octopus, Communicating Cat, Linking Lion, Persevering Parrot, Playing Penguin, Discovering Dolphin, Willing Wolf, Memorising Monkey, Thinking Theropod, Enjoying Elephant and Focusing Frog. On Wednesday morning, 4W gave all boys in Lower School and their own parents a reminder of the need for these characteristics in our learning. They also demonstrated many of these characteristics in a superbly sung final, unaccompanied song. They certainly were focusing, enjoying and communicating and must have persevered in learning and memorising the words and music before their performance.

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