Music workshop at Dulwich College

Posted: 17th October 2018

Last week some of our Year 6 boys attended a Music workshop at Dulwich College. Here is what one of our boys had to say:

We had so much fun at DC scoffing our faces with enormous, delicious chocolate muffins the size of our fists! We also spent time catching up with our old friend from Year 4. However, the music was the best bit. In the orchestra we played ‘Can you feel the love tonight’ from Disney’s Lion King and Elgar’s ‘Pomp and Circumstance.’ Then on came the samba (which was my favourite bit), smacking a drum as hard as we could. The singing was also excellent fun. We sang some weird and funky, upbeat songs. I am very grateful to Mrs Chambers and all the staff who took us there. It was a great day.

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