Member of Parliament visits the Prep

Posted: 20th November 2018

Last week, Helen Hayes, MP for Dulwich and West Norwood, came to Dulwich Prep along with guests from Alleyn’s and JAGS. She spoke engagingly for 15 minutes about a day in the life of an MP, describing some of the challenges she has to face balancing the interests and beliefs of her constituency and her party with her own. For the rest of the hour the floor was thrown open, with boys and girls asking a wonderful range of questions, such as “Do you think there should be a People’s Vote?”, “What are the local issues that matter most?” and “Do voters ask you questions when you’re doing the Park Run?”. The voters of tomorrow were an engaged and interested audience, and our MP of today has our heartfelt  thanks for making the time in her busy schedule to come and help us be more informed.



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