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Posted: 21st November 2018

Last Saturday, our boys engaged in their ​first block fixture against Emanuel School. There were 8 fixtures in total  – U13A&B, U12ABCD, U11A&B. After tribe rugby and a full week of training, it was a great chance to see the boys play as we start to develop a Dulwich Prep London style of the sport across all year groups. A particular highlight was the teamwork, camaraderie and positive rugby on display. The boys, excited to get under way, played some fine rugby and the level of excitement around school this week to play in teams, with their peers and friends, is wonderful. 

In assembly each week, we celebrate the most improved player (MI) and the most valuable player (MVP) in each team after each game. This is proving a wonderful tool and now we no longer post results. We want the boys to focus on the process and have wide and varied success criteria, winning being one of those, but only one. 

Perhaps the greatest success of the weekend’s fixtures against Emanuel was the boys understanding of how to display the school values, through rugby – now an integral part of the selection process for all teams here at the Prep. A huge thanks to the parents who attended and I look forward to seeing you on the sidelines again soon.

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