Philosophy for Children

Posted: 14th February 2019


On Wednesday evening a concert hall full of boys, parents, siblings and grandparents enjoyed the final Leake Lecture of the year. Sarah Stein Lubrano from The School of Life spoke about philosophy, what it is all about and how it can help us understand our lives better, complementing wonderfully Dulwich Prep London’s Philosophy for Children curriculum.

Using the recently published Big Ideas for Curious Minds as a basis, Sarah introduced us to four leading philosophers from around the world and explained why their ideas continue to matter. We learned from Seneca about why not to expect too much, from Confucius about why politeness matters, from Simone de Beauvoir about why it is hard to know what we really want, and from Zera Yacob about how people are unhappy, not mean.

We hope that the philosophical discussions started at the lecture will continue at home, in the classroom and out in the playground.

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