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1L Class Assembly

Posted: 14th March 2019


1L’s class assembly theme was women explorers and scientists who achieved amazing things by following their dreams and believing in themselves, even when things got tough. They all helped shape – and map – the world we live in today.

We followed the journeys of 4 inspiring women – Mary Anning, who discovered her first complete ichthyosaur skeleton when she was 12; Sacagawea who travelled over 6400 kms to help U.S. soldiers, Lewis and Clark, map a large unknown part of North America; Dr Mae Jemison, who, despite her fear of heights, went on to become the first African American women to fly in space and Dr Jane Goodall, the world famous primatologist, who first discovered chimpanzees used tools like humans and has campaigned all her life for a balance between people, animals and our environment.

It was a fitting tribute to International Women’s Day.

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