Ted Talks at the Prep

Posted: 28th March 2019

This morning Dulwich Prep London held its second annual TED Talks TEDxYouth@DPL. This year’s theme was based on the idea of ‘In my lifetime …’ with ten boys from DPL speaking to an audience of Y7 and Y8 pupils as well as selected adults. The event was an absolute success with insightful talks from leaders of the future on topics such as banning palm oil, curing MS and how Africa will become the next global superpower in wealth. Truly inspirational ideas worth sharing from the Year 8 boys.

Here is a full list of the boys speaking and their topics:

Nicholas – In my lifetime Africa will become a superpower in wealth

Tom – In my lifetime I’m going to do something clever

Alfred – In my lifetime I want to cure MS

Samuel – In my lifetime I want to end ageism

George – In my lifetime I will see Dystopian novels turn into a living nightmare

Simon  – In my lifetime Palm Oil will be banned

Louis – In my lifetime ‘Wild’ will be the answer

Kit – In my lifetime criminals will struggle to get away with crime

Uwais – In my lifetime I hope to overcome my fears

William – In my lifetime sugar will be banned

The talks will soon be uploaded to the TEDx YouTube channel where the talks can be viewed by millions of people from across the globe, a truly unique experience for the boys where their ideas will be heard by a global audience.

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