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Pre-Prep Storytelling Week

Posted: 9th May 2019

The boys returned from their Easter holidays to find themselves in the throes of Storytelling Week. The week started with an Assembly in which Mrs Dow imaginatively retold one of her favourite stories. The boys spent the rest of the day exploring features of traditional tales and the day concluded with them scouring the tables in the Pre-Prep Hall to find a new book from all those that were generously donated for Book Swap. During the week, the boys were treated to a visit from author and illustrator Mike Brownlow, who spoke about Lascaux cave paintings and showed them how to draw everything from robots to penguins! Finally, the week culminated in a colourful dress-up day and a fantastic Assembly from the English department’s very own Harriet Clay, who shared her published story of The Beardy Man. Mrs Clay finished by saying ‘every story has a message’. What message will you find in the next story you read? 

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