The Fourth Plinth Schools Awards Ceremony

Posted: 17th May 2019


Our future generation of London artists gathered last week at the City Hall, right below Sadiq Khan’s office, to collect their prizes for the Fourth Plinth Schools Awards. Francesco in Year 8 sat amongst the 40 prize winners selected from 3225 entries, representing each of the London boroughs.

Francesco’s work, a Book Art sculpture inspired by T.S. Elliot’s ‘Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats’, was the winner for Southwark. Brexit, climate change and equality were amongst other very relevant themes, giving us an encouraging insight into the concerns that are in the minds of our youngest generation. 

The ceremony, led by contemporary artist Gilliam Wearing and London’s Deputy Mayor of Culture Justine Simons, not only celebrated students’ work but also gave young people a voice.

The Fourth Plinth Schools Awards is a great example of how London communities come together to explore major relevant topics through Art. Well done Francesco for making Dulwich Prep London a part of this. 

The winning entries will be on display at the City Hall until the 28th of June and will then be exhibited at Cass Art from the 10th of July.

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