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Prep+ Outings

Posted: 23rd May 2019


Prep+ has had a busy start to term with three wonderfully diverse trips which gave boys and parents the chance to experience some of the best of London events and architecture.

‘Come From Away’ at the Phoenix Theatre arrived this year having been voted the ‘best musical’ in America. The story of the 7000 airline passengers who were diverted to Newfoundland as US airspace closed on the day of 9/11 is an emotional, uplifting and at times, funny, tale of the interactions and  relationships made between the ‘come from awayers’ and the local people. Highly recommended by all who went.

Another Thursday saw a party of 20 boys, parents and staff join 500 others to listen to Ben Fogle’s lecture for the Himalayan Trust at The Royal Geographical Society. A riveting and inspiring story of Ben Fogle’s rise from being a very shy school boy who found life very difficult to an adventurer and T.V. personality. Ben’s message from the top of Everest that for everyone to have the confidence to try and conquer their own ‘Everest’ inspired Mr Roulston’s assembly to the Middle and Upper School on the Friday after.

A Saturday visit and tour of the Battersea Power Station development was led by Nacho O’Leary, the Office Delivery Director whose passion for the projects they are delivering was again inspiring. Learning about the four phases, the logistics of removing and rebuilding chimneys, managing the vastness but also the minutiae of the development, the complete care that has gone into rebuilding the Power Station using original materials and methods, as well as stories of costs, size, ecological considerations, peregrine falcons and how London will benefit through the employment, space and environment being created, was absolutely fascinating. Great questions came from the boys and a few budding architects raised their heads amongst the large Prep+ party. A huge thanks to Nacho (and James) for their time, enthusiasm and willingness to share their passion for this iconic London landmark.

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