On a different tack

Posted: 7th September 2019

On the first Saturday of the long summer break, 36 boys assembled outside school ready for another wonderful week sailing in the south of France.  After flying to Bilbao, we had a quick transfer north just past the border to the picturesque lake near Azur.  The weather was, yet again, perfect.  Good westerly winds, warm sunshine and cloudless skies helped the boys make exceptional progress on the accredited Royal Yacht Association course.  Evenings were equally fun with ‘Challenge’ (obstacle course through the lake), mini-golf and the staff favourite: ‘Life Appreciation’ (which involved watching the sun set whilst dangling your legs into the lake off a wooden pontoon – pure bliss!).  The boys returned the following week exhausted but full of stories, and with new friendships formed and skills learnt.  Until next year…

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