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Early Years Parent Workshops

Posted: 25th September 2019

This week in Early Years we held three parent workshops, each one including a short talk about three areas of our curriculum, Literacy, Maths and PSED.

The Literacy workshop focused on early reading skills and RWI. Ruth and Graeme spoke about the importance of rhymes and syllables, how we teach clipped, pure sounds to the children and how this makes it easier to blend words using ‘Fred Talk’ before moving into reading books.

Selina introduced maths looking at the expected progress our children make in both Nursery and Reception, how we go about teaching maths using many of the elements of maths mastery and at some of the practical activities the children do both inside and outside the classroom.

In the PSED workshop Ruth emphasised the significance of setting up clear routines and boundaries for young children and gave parents lots of handy hints reminding them that they are in charge.  She also briefly discussed PSED at school relating this to our Golden Rules and Excellent Learning programme.

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