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A thank you from the Friends

Posted: 16th October 2019


The Friends of Dulwich Prep London would like to thank all the boys, parents and teachers for their generous harvest donations of food.

Food parcels were donated to senior citizens at Balmoral Court & Cedar Close. Year 7 boys accompanied Mr Young to deliver harvest goodies to senior citizens in Bowen Drive and the Kingswood Estate on Friday. Donations were also given to local food banks: Pecan Trust, Norwood Food Bank and Southwark Day Centre for Asylum Seekers.

And a special thanks to: Zohra and Reehan Qureishy, Ernest Tabiowo, Shaun Robertson, Melanie Wear, Michelle Stevens, Henrietta Adu-Poku, Annmarie Moreira, Chris Davenport and Viviane Wild for their help with deliveries.

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