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Dulwich College Music Day

Posted: 17th October 2019


Oliver M and Tom H (both 6D) have written about their recent musical experience at Dulwich College:

During a school day while everyone else was at school, we were at Dulwich College…It was amazing! We got to play our instruments all day.

As soon as we arrived we found our seats in the orchestra and started playing the Star Wars theme tune – dum dum dum dom di dum dom di dum!!!

After orchestra, we walked over to the science room and we joined some older boys who helped us put on really complicated headsets, which sensed what was going on in our brains. It was displayed on a computer and showed colours and brain waves while we were playing our instruments… pretty creepy but it was cool to see what was going on inside my head!

After lunch (which was amazing!), we all played in a very big samba group, there were all kinds of percussion instruments to try – it was extremely loud! Our teacher had a drum and a whistle –  the drum was small compared to some of the drums other boys were playing. We had our own rhythms to play and together we would go louder and softer. I had to beat ‘tick, tock, tick tick, tock’ until we were told to RUMBLE when everyone went crazy.

To finish the day we played all of our pieces and sang to our parents and there was cake!

It was brilliant! We would really recommend this to any musicians interested in having a great day.

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