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Friends’ Fireworks Display

Posted: 11th November 2019

Huge crowds brave the autumn rain to enjoy one of the best fireworks displays in London.

On Saturday evening there were nearly as many umbrellas as fireworks at the annual Friends’ Fireworks Display.  The dreadful weather didn’t dampen the spirits nor did it affect the quality of the fireworks.

The Dulwich Prep London Fireworks has featured in the top ten displays in London and is one of the largest private displays to be found anywhere.  It is a magnificent event, meticulously organised, and the November rain certainly did not keep people away.

Darkness fell, the rain continued and the crowds, protected by umbrellas, wellingtons and waterproofs, began to stream through the gates and most took full advantage of the various food and drinks stalls.  The field was awash with light sabres and all manner of ‘glow in the dark’ gadgetry.  The bonfire was lit at 6pm and, half an hour later, The Head Master, Louise Davidson, led a countdown, with which the crowd joined in, and the display was underway.  For 30 minutes, the longest display in the event’s history, the dark and damp skies above West Dulwich were ablaze with light and colour, with the air filled by the sound of exploding fireworks.  This display would challenge any major public event in the country.

Thanks go to the army of people who make this event possible.  The Friends Association, in particular Rebekah Edwards and her amazing team, for an organisational feat of mammoth proportions.  To the dedicated team who set up the bonfire and manage the fireworks themselves, we owe a huge debt of gratitude.  To the Early Years staff, the school maintenance team, staff who assisted on the day, the marshals and all who helped in any way at all, huge thanks from all who had such a great, if not slightly damp evening on Saturday.

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