1950s in the Pre-Prep

Posted: 19th November 2019


Year 2 had a wonderful day last week celebrating all things 1950s! The boys stepped back in time to find the teachers dressed in 1950s’ clothes and the classrooms transformed with rows of tables and rather boring rote learning! The boys were treated to a fantastic workshop, where they learnt about popular toys, games and hobbies from that era, taking part in hula hoop competitions and puppet shows. Some of the boys’ grandparents came in and gave a fantastic talk and an insight into what life was like back then. The boys had prepared thoughtful questions and were able to hear first-hand about their school experiences and make comparisons between then and now. Over the term the Year 2 boys have been lucky enough to try cooking their own vegetable soup, using marrows, tomatoes and herbs from the Pre-Prep garden in order to see how rationing would have affected their diet.

It was a hugely successful day and lovely to see how engaged the boys were in all activities. A big thank you to those grandparents who took part.

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