Planter Project

Posted: 26th November 2019

This year in year 7 DT rotation, the pupils are working in collaboration with Alma-nac architects and the Dulwich Picture Gallery to design and make a planter kit that will be used in our school grounds. Dulwich Picture Gallery have very generously donated the wood from the summer pavilion, The House of Colour, for us to use to build these planters.

Rotation 1 have done an enormous amount of work prototyping and testing the kits, ably supported by Kath S, our technician who has made several jigs to help us make the pieces as accurate as possible. Alma-nac architects have then used their Sketchup 3D programme to visualise various combinations of planters and to develop an instruction manual for assembly.

Rotation 2 will now use and test this instruction sheet to see if it is clear and logical and suggest improvements.  They will then invite a group of students from Kingsdale to the workshop and instruct them in how to assemble their own planters for specific sites in their own playgrounds.

Dulwich Picture Gallery have contacted several local schools who are all very excited to build their own planters using the instructions, design and materials developed by Dulwich Prep London boys.

It is a really exciting opportunity to share our skills and expertise, and to collaborate with professionals to create a design that will benefit the wider community.

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Open Morning

Due to social distancing requirements we will not be able to host our annual Open Morning due to take place on Saturday 3rd Oct 2020. This event will be replaced by a virtual tour and a chance to meet the Head Master at a live Q&A session.

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