Pre-Prep Christmas Show

Posted: 4th December 2019


‘Christmas is coming, what a lovely time, hearts will be cheery and bells will chime!’

Against a wonderful backdrop of twinkling lights over Bethlehem and a packed house of families and friends, we were entertained by Caesar, his brave centurions and a trio of Wise men to name but a few! Our hearts were full of joy and certainly cheery as the Pre-Prep boys sang and performed their beautiful interpretation of the Christmas Nativity Story. The boys journeyed back in time to show us the very first Christmas gift, the gift of baby Jesus. We all celebrated Jesus’ birth with a rousing rock and roll number, dancing to ‘Rock your baby all through the night!’

The heavenly choir of Year 1 angels sparkled and shined in the gallery and all around as their voices joined with Year 2 to sing out the breath-taking chorus of ‘Hallelujah!’ Thank you to the Pre-Prep boys for reminding us of what true Christmas Spirit is all about.

‘Peace on Earth and Goodwill to all mankind!’

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