Year 5 Road Safety Talk

Posted: 15th January 2020


This week the Year 5 boys were fortunate to take part in a workshop delivered by The Riot Act, a theatre group that use innovative projects to deliver powerful road safety messages to young people in Southwark.  The shocking statistic that road accidents are the biggest killer of children aged 11 – 15  grabbed everyone’s attention, and we also learnt that the most likely time for a fatal accident to happen is between 3.00 and 5.00pm.

The workshop was based around an imaginary road incident –  ‘Death at the Bus Stop’ – with actors sharing statements and their differing perspectives on the accident. The boys were able to question the actor witnesses in order to reveal more evidence about the incident and help them complete an incident report. Some reflection time followed, as we discussed who was at fault and how an accident like this could be prevented.

The key learning points from this dynamic and engaging workshop were: always use appropriate road crossings and never cross between parked vehicles; and stay alert near the road and resist getting distracted by friends.  It is also important that boys do not wear headphones or use mobiles; they should put their phones away.

Our workshop finished with some Year 5 volunteers modelling correct and safe crossing of a road, and we learnt the phrase that encapsulates the safety points when crossing a road: Stop, look, listen and think. The boys now know that there are no safe places to cross a road but, when it is essential,  they should always use designated crossings such as pedestrian crossings, zebra crossings or footbridges.

The boys were all hugely positive about the workshop and we hope they are now more confident about the key points surrounding road safety, which is so crucial now they are of an age where they are becoming a little more independent.  Please do have a conversation with your sons and help to reinforce the safety messages they have heard.

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