Science Live

Posted: 13th February 2020


The GCSE Science lectures were a lot of fun to experience. The atmosphere was fantastic as all the students chatted around us as we waited for the event to start.

The first person  to speak was Professor Alex Sella, who talked about the qualities of ice and its properties. It was highly entertaining and showed his passion for inorganic chemistry.

The second speaker, Professor Robert Winston, talked about the body and what happened in reproduction.

Dr Helen Czerski is a physics oceanographer. She told us how she studies the physics of coated bubbles and how they help to understand the health of the ocean.

All of these talks were interspersed with key information from a GCSE examiner. He gave us top tips on how to answer exam questions.

Then there was a talk on the origin of species by Professor Alice Roberts. During this, she explained how Chihuahuas and wolves come from the same ancestor!

On the train home, we discussed how we all thoroughly enjoyed the event and all the speakers.

Written by Sam and Tancredi

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