Coronavirus Update

Posted: 3rd March 2020

Further to our updates on reopening, this our position.

We currently have families awaiting test results. They have reported that they no longer feel unwell and there is no reason for us to be unduly concerned. The pupils are continuing to self-isolate.

It is anticipated that the number of individuals being tested in the UK will rise in the next few weeks and we will not write to you each time a pupil or staff member is tested. Please rest assured however, that you will be contacted if any of the tests within our school community were to be positive and it is believed your child may have had contact with an individual diagnosed with Covid-19. 

This position is in line with Public Health England and NHS advice and guidelines.

We are continuing to ensure that our heightened hand hygiene protocol, circulated before our closure, is followed by everyone at school.

The school trips and events scheduled for the coming weeks will continue as planned but we will consider each of them in the light of the risks posed and advice received. An example of this is that the IAPS Ski Championships in Northern Italy next week have been cancelled by the organisers.

We reiterate that we have been advised that the delay in receiving test results is not a cause for concern. 

Thank you once again for your support and understanding.

Miss Louise Davidson         Mrs Celia Randell Head Master                       Chair of Governors

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