Blind Date with a Book

Posted: 5th March 2020

Just before half term, on Valentine’s Day, boys in Years 5 to 8 were encouraged to go on a “Blind Date with a Book”.  A selection of new titles, as well as many older books that have been languishing on the library shelves in need of a fresh pair of eyes, were wrapped and labelled with the genre and the appropriate year group.  Inside each book lurked a bookmark encouraging the reader to ‘rate’ his ‘date’.

The response from the boys was fantastic, and 80 ‘date’ books were checked out.  The books had been carefully chosen to appeal to the recommended year groups so – with luck – there will have been some matches made in heaven!  We know that first impressions count on a blind date, but who knew that simply wrapping a book in brown paper would have such an effect…?

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