Our Spring Term Head Boy, James

Posted: 18th March 2021

Starting his term as Head Boy during Remote Learning, this was James’ message to the Dulwich Prep community.


We chatted to James during Children’s Mental Health Week, the theme this year being ‘Express Yourself’. Read on to find out more about James and to see why we are so proud to have him as our spring term Head Boy.

What makes you unique?

I have a unique interest in aviation and aspire to be a pilot. Over the years, I have built up a large collection of models, which I display on a shelf in my bedroom. I have even built some of the models myself!

What have been your favourite memories of school?

I really enjoyed my time in Year 4 and having Miss Johnson as a teacher. I remember being new to the school and I was really nervous, but I met lots of great people who are still my friends today. I have also loved being part of the school choir, (as I love to sing!) and the Tribe Shouts are really fun days. (James is an Ojibwas).

Can you think of a teacher who has had a particular influence on your life so far?

Mr Tarrant has been my form tutor for two years now and he’s really kind and supportive. I particularly had fun putting together our tutor group Christmas window display.

What have been some unexpected things that lockdown has brought to you?

My brother sits next to me in Key Worker School and it has been really nice getting to spend more time with him. As a whole, my family have been able to spend lots more time together, especially in the evenings when we have family dinners.

How have you managed the challenges of lockdown?

Often my Dad and I drive to Heathrow where we watch the planes take off and land together. We call it ‘real world’ filming! I have my own Youtube channel where I post my videos.

How do you like to keep yourself feeling positive?

At the end of each day, I sit down with my family and we watch a television series together. Family time really helps me to stay positive. I hobby of mine is to disassemble and then reassemble old technology. I’ve successfully reassembled an old phone; when I put it back together the screen still worked! It’s very relaxing.

What does mental health mean to you?

To me, mental health is all about being at peace with yourself and finding time to be calm. This helps me with my school work as, if I’m nervous, I won’t perform well.

What would you do if you saw a friend who wasn’t feeling great?

If I noticed that a friend was feeling low, I would ask them if they wanted to hang out with me. It’s important to recognise that everyone has a different way of coping with their emotions and, if that friend didn’t want to hang out, that’s okay.

What advice would you give to the younger boys?

If you find something hard, persevere with it as it always gets better. Also, enjoy the fun things! School trips are such a highlight of school so make the most of them. My favourite trip was the Year 6 trip to York.

James and his brother, Thomas, won the DPL Model Challenge with their fantastic ‘Mindcraft Tour of 42 Alleyn Park’. To see all the competition entries, read our news article here.

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