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A look at Art and DT through historical eyes

Posted: 22nd March 2021

The study of an artist can be truly inspiring when exploring one’s own artistic interests, and with this in mind the boys here are looking at, Water Lilies, By Claude Monet. The boys are studying the colour blending techniques used to create flow and form, as well as exploring how they can create different effects with water, paint with their brush strokes to represent both the still of a water lily and the movement of the water.

This week, the Year 3 boys have begun to create an Ancient Egyptian mask using papier-mâché. There’s been lots of sticky fingers as they work to create moulded forms to build headdresses similar to those worn by prestigious Pharaohs from times past.

As part of their exploration into the world of the Ancient Greeks, Year 4, are creating designs to adorn a pot. The pots were traditionally decorated with beautiful scenes from daily life and so the boys are following in this tradition by decorating them with images of things that are important to them in their daily lives. The Greeks believed that the goddess Athena invented the potter’s wheel. The pots came in all different shapes and sizes depending on their use, but the shape the boys are working on is called Hydria and Stamnos.

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