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Red Nose Day at the Early Years

Posted: 22nd March 2021

As the gates opened on Friday morning, the Early Years children arrived dressed in all sorts of bright, colourful clothes and beautiful homemade crowns to match the theme of Carnival for Red Nose Day. The girls and boys wore all the colours of the rainbow,  sparkly jewels and feathers, and had happy smiley faces.

In each class, there were lots of Red Nose Day tasks for the children, including making red noses from playdough and dotty pictures. Perhaps the most fun activity was a new take on ‘pin the tail on the donkey’, instead, the boys and girls played ‘pin the nose on the teacher’.


The children thought about the importance of this event and how it is a way of raising money to support others who have tough lives. If you would like to support the charity here is the link to our Just Giving page.

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