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Lower School explores the past

Posted: 24th March 2021

This week has seen the Lower School boys step back in time as both year groups enjoyed a WOW day exploring and learning about the Ancient Greeks and the Ancient Egyptians.

In Year 3, the boys have been creating Death Masks and learning about their significance, as well as looking into the slightly gruesome process of mummification and learning about the Book of the Dead. It has been fascinating listening to them discuss the merits of how one enters the Afterlife, according to the Ancient Egyptians. Learning about the canopic jars and rituals also created a real sense of intrigue. The spaghetti pyramid buildings were possibly just as tricky as the real ones were to build!

On their WOW day, the Year 4 boys really enjoyed reading stories about the Greek gods and goddesses. They indulged their creativity as they wrote their own myths, based on the powers and attributes that some of the ancient gods and goddesses possessed. Their own clay pot designs, which were inspired by the potters from Corinth and Athens, are now finished and looking fantastic. A highlight for many was target shooting their spears towards the Fort.

Amongst all of the fun, the boys have also been focusing on the more serious aspects of gathering information and learning about primary and secondary sources and the importance of being discerning when researching the past.

“I love knowing what happened before I was alive” commented a Year 3 boy, while united calls of, “I am Dulwich Prep!” could be heard from the Fort playground as Year 4 demonstrated solidarity and heroism, taken from the 1960 movie Spartacus, whilst throwing their spears.

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