The Power of Reflection

Posted: 17th May 2021

The boys in Lower School know the ‘excellent learning’ skills well. They work to develop their thinking, communication, organisation and memory skills, whilst paying attention to the art of focusing, discovering, linking and creating. The umbrella of ‘enjoying’ and ‘playing’ is never far away, and all of these skills are wrapped up in the boys’ desire to persevere.  As you walk the corridors and classrooms of Lower School and pass through the playground, you will see boys taking moments to reflect. The idea that they can drive their learning and relationships is powerful, and one that we hope to foster.

Taking time to digest and reflect is a crucial part of the boys’ school day.  It is where they get to stop, and notice. To see if they need to take time, take advice, learn from others or learn independently.  This week alone boys have re-read and edited their writing, self-corrected their maths, listened attentively and then allowed their view point to be altered by new information, negotiated friendships and made scientific predictions.  None of these things can happen if the boys are not taught to be self aware and to take a moment before they proceed. And so, if you see a young man in Lower School stopping to take a moment, give them the time. They may just be considering their very next ‘Einstein’ moment.

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