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Eco Week in Lower School

Posted: 7th June 2021

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Before half term, boys all across the school engaged in Eco Week. They honed their knowledge and upskilled their actions in order to make their world, your world, our world a better place for all. 

In Lower School the children began the week by thinking about waste, identifying all of the locations of the various waste disposal units we have onsite. Knowing where they are and what each one is able to collect will ensure that all of the school community uses them effectively. 

The children also learned about environmentally friendly ways of travelling. More and more boys are using the DPL walking bus or travelling to school by scooter, bike or on foot where they can. Our new Lower School bike sheds are full to bursting most days now. When there is a need for travelling by private transport, everyone this week was being encouraged to think about safe car-sharing or public transport. Not only is this beneficial to the environment but it can be so much more fun  travelling with your friends. 

This week, our Eco Club boys were spotted caring for the local community having organised a litter pick.

As the lights went out in DPL and the plug sockets were left empty, Wednesday saw the boys thinking about how our world is powered and the benefits of utilising green energy.  As our iPad charging stations, computers and lights are not yet powered through wind or solar we decided to turn them off.  Having a mid-week, no electricity day, really focused the boys’ minds on using the world’s precious resources thoughtfully. The ban on electricity for the day encouraged the boys and staff to think about how people with less access to electrical power plan their activities to suit the environment. 

On Thursday the boys showed off their cress growing competition entries, as they explored the topic of Biodiversity. As you can see, they really did enjoy creating fun cress gardens and with healthy living being the focus of Friday, the boys were able to enjoy eating some of their labour by sprinkling a little Cress onto their sustainably sourced fish lunch. Delicious! 

Now that the boys and staff in Lower School are a little more educated about the environment, we hope that the lights will go on only when they are really needed. Used pencils will be placed in recycling bins, so they can be reformed into a new useful item.

If each boy and staff member can look to reduce their impact on the environment, make good and recycle when they have taken out of the world’s pot, then we will leave it in a better state than it is currently on course for and that can only be better for future generations and all of the living things that we share this wonderful planet with.

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