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Year 8 Science Fair

Posted: 14th June 2021

Students at the Science Fair

This term in Science, all of the Year 8 Day School classes worked in pairs or individually to investigate a range of topics. These were then presented at a Science fair on tri-folds. Each group chose a topic on which they researched and collected data. We used our peers or family members as test subjects on topics ranging from a Cola blind taste test (Brodie B and Max B) to the proportion of popcorn kernels popping (Hal E) to whether dogs lower your heart rate and therefore alleviate stress (Sebastian MS).

During our investigation, we discovered many interesting facts to show our teacher and audience. To create the trifold we divided our research into different sections: question, hypothesis, background, abstract, method, variables, results, conclusion, evaluation, and bibliography. It was our first time creating a long-term project spanning over 4 weeks, pausing only for the drama project, and it was a great opportunity that we hope future years will get to experience. It was enjoyable and increased our knowledge of the subjects we were interested in.


Max B and Brodie B

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