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Lower School Challenge Days

Posted: 24th June 2021

Challenge Day

Year 3 had an amazing Challenge Day; working together and developing their team building skills whilst enjoying and playing with each other. Down on Mary Datchelor the boys played ‘The floor is lava’ where they raced one another in a bid to move from one end of the field to the other, with only a finite amount of resources. Speaking, listening and planning was key to success here. Parachute games required the boys to work together with control in a bid to move balls across, over and under it. A blind assault course involved the boys working in pairs, honing their speaking and listening skills.  Each was in charge of directing the safe passage of a friend as they directed them over, under, through and around a variety of obstacles. At midday, the boys rested up with a picnic lunch ahead of creating animal habitats and nests, in small groups. The finale of the day saw everyone enjoying a game of rounders together, a new game for most. The day was devoted to challenge, perseverance and sportsmanship.  Year 3 Challenge Day will definitely be marked down by all as a huge success!

Year 4 were treated to a day of problem solving and teamwork as they welcomed Wiseup to lead them in their Cluedo style Mission Possible challenges! Many of the boys victoriously navigated a ball around a balance board maze avoiding the drop holes. The parachute games saw the boys working together to bounce a ball between two shoots. To develop their strategy and logic skills, the boys used giant tiles to navigate across Mary Datchelor without touching the ground. Once they safely arrived on the other side, they honed their problem solving skills in order to create a Tangram square. Both poise and athletic skill was needed as they balanced and tracked a giant inflatable across long wooden poles in teams. Each of these tasks led the boys closer to discovering, ‘Who did it?’ as they picked up clues and answered questions. When asking staff what they felt was the highlight of the day, they commented, “it was fantastic to see the boys pulling together and thinking creatively and collaboratively.”  I think we can call that mission accomplished!

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