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COP 26 Letter Writing Competition

Posted: 8th December 2021

Inspired by the UK hosting the recent COP26 summit, the children throughout the school were given the opportunity to take part in a drawing (Early Years) or letter writing (Years 1-8) competition. The prize on offer was to have their drawing or letter sent to the Prime Minister.

The competition was an optional one so we were thrilled to receive over 250 entries from every year group across the school. There were some brilliant ideas generated too, for both the school and beyond, including increasing the number of solar panels, discouraging parents from idling their cars when collecting their children, looking at ideas to reduce motor vehicle journeys to school and how we might further reduce food waste.

With such fierce competition, we found ourselves with a judging challenge, so we decided to use our Excellent Learning characteristics to evaluate all of the entries for: Creating; Communicating; and Willing.

After some difficult decisions, we eventually chose the following entries to send to the Prime Minister together with a letter from the school explaining the competition:

Year Winner Runner Up
EY Neil Orestis
1 Will Freddie
2 Nathan Vivaan
3 Thomas Ali Hassan
4 David Temir
5 James Jenson
6 Edward Thomas
7 Max  Oscar
8 Zubin Leo

We also thanked the children who entered the competition with letters home and in some of the section assemblies. All children who entered demonstrated some of our school Values, such as ‘Honesty’, ‘Courage’ and, perhaps most importantly, ‘Love’.


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