A Journey From Dulwich Prep London to Pakistan

Posted: 15th May 2023

The Easter break at Dulwich Prep London is an extremely busy time as we send off several residential trips, including a ski trip to Austria and a Geography trip to Iceland. Here is a story from the School Magazine of 1952 about a journey made by two brothers (in 1950) aged 7½ and 5½ to visit their parents in Pakistan.

They were seen off on departure from Blackbushe Airport (under the care of cabin crew) on a Viking aircraft and landed in Nice (France) to refuel and then flew to Valetta (Malta) to stay in a hotel that evening. The next morning they flew to Cyprus to refuel and have some lunch. The afternoon was a flight to Baghdad (Iraq). On day three the boys were on their way again to a desert landing ground at Sharjah for refuelling and lunch in terrific heat. Then the final leg to Karachi to be met by their father, who had flown from Peshwar to meet them.

What an adventure! 

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