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Putting values at the forefront of boys’ education

14th May 2020

We want our boys to experience the very best in pastoral care, teaching and learning, enjoy the most dynamic and demanding academic and co-curricular programmes, and make friends for life….

Embracing Change in Sport

11th November 2020

https://vimeo.com/466179663 It’s a new normal for sport at Dulwich Prep London. Coming back in September, we knew that our teaching style would be impacted by the new social distancing measures….

National Coding Week

16th September 2019

…they move on to more complex block coding in Scratch and Swift Playgrounds and then in Year 7 & 8 they learn Basic Python, HTML and CSS and Java Script….

Senior School

5th October 2023

…In making this change, we want to emphasise our continuing and wholehearted commitment to our current and future pupils and their families to support the transition to senior schools at…

Computer Science Week

10th December 2019

Pupils across the school have been busy this week, learning different types of code. The boys have been excited to create code that enables animations, solves complex puzzles and produces…

Registration Form

14th May 2020

We ask that you read our Registration Terms & Conditions before proceeding with the form below to be aware of how your information may be used. Please note that as…

Bursary Application Form

17th September 2020

Please read our Registration Form Terms And Conditions before proceeding with the form below to be aware of how your information may be used….

Nurturing Programme 'Talking Teens'

17th October 2018

Following on from the success of our 10 week Parenting Programme, we now have a sharply focussed course on communicating with our pre-teens and developing teenagers. It certainly can be…