Category: Early Years

Head Master’s Art Competition 2023

15th May 2023

Children entering this year’s Head Master’s Art Competition created pieces based on the ‘Justice and Wisdom’ theme. It was a joy to see the vast array and variety of mediums and styles.  A particular well done to our winners: Ellington R in Early Years, Jackson P-R in Pre-Prep, Kit D in Lower School, David E…

‘Use it or lose it’? The Importance of Getting Early Years Teaching ‘Right’.

12th October 2022

Research is pretty conclusive: the experiences between the ages of two and six, both at home and in school, are crucial for predicting future academic success. Why? All cognitive function is dependent on the connections formed in the brain. Put simply, the neurons, or brain cells, require connections between each other, and these ‘synapse’ connections…

The Early Years Classroom, A Clear Direction for Dulwich Prep London

1st September 2022

In the first week of September, 77 boys and girls will walk into brand new Nursery classrooms. These classrooms represent many years of researching (and trialling) the best practices and products to provide an outstanding start to a child’s education. The classroom environment has always played an important role in providing a good foundation in…